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6 Reasons Why Xbox One X Is Better Than Ps4 Pro

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There is an array of the new technology that has raised their heads in the year 2018. The one that has taken the gamers by the wave of excitement includes the Microsoft’s latest launch of the newest version of the Xbox One X.

The Sony’s ps4 being the Xbox one X’s biggest rivals also has the sturdiest and the most competitive console. Sony is a brand name that has been created and established itself as the reliable and greatly popular over the course of time. It is often claimed by inspecting the features of Ps4 that sony has only outsmarted and outdone Xbox already. This article doesn’t deal with the bragging of the ps4, but will shed light on the 6 major reasons why Xbox one is better than ps4 pro:

GPU and CPUs

Both of them works on a group of 8 cores in total with the only difference in the custom set clock. Xbox One X is fixed at 2.3GHz while the ps4 functions on the AMD called Jaguar which is set at 2.1GHz. It may seem as if it’s just the difference of 0.2GHz. But it is a determinant factor to boost the speed of the console. While on the other hand if GPU is compared, then Xbox One X configure to a routine AMD setup which runs on 6 teraflops. PS4 runs at 4.2 with similar AMD setting. Hence, X box ONE beats PS4 in terms of speed.

Storage and RAM Processing

In the gaming console, the storage and speed are kept above all other factors. The way console allocate its resources can be a tricky affair for the gamers will want to have the best possible experience. For this reason, abundant space is needed on the systems. Xbox one X once again owns an upper hand with 12GB of the RAM while PS4 owns 8GB of it. Microsoft was smart enough to consider it the need to dedicate 9GB of it to the games which were running while the remaining 3GB is kept safe aside for the operating system of the console and another gaming process.

Great Cooling System

There are many heavy components in Xbox One X which subsequently needs a lot of cooling. This is ensured by Microsoft that the heating elements are timely and efficiently cooled. The console will be vapor cooled, unlike conventional methods that utilize metal plates to sprawl the heat away from the hardware. Xbox one X contains high-end server blades and graphics cards which works great on vapor cooling, another feature which PS4 lacks.

4k Resolution

Ps4’s characteristics speak largely about how boastful it can be in comparison to the Xbox. With the Ps4, increased storage, strong console, and other such inline features. But with Xbox one X the visual performance and the frame rate can be highly improved as well.

Strong Console

It is claimed to have one of the most powerful high-end consoles which are the fruit bore by leading Software companies. In NewZealand, the sales have shown a slight variation with Sony products being the at the higher edged than this hauling brand of Microsoft. Xbox one X possess strong console with remarkable looks and style.

Backward Compatibility

Previously, the classic versions of PlayStation games were heavily purchased. But with this feature Xbox user are allowed to use the already existing Xbox games down the line which were launched previously.

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