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5 Things You Should Know About Android Pancake 8.0

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There are many android development companies around the world. But with time Google has taken over the most of them. Google had released an OS version named as Android P which became largely controversial owing to its name. It couldn’t have been decided what it shall be named. The preview which offered details is the same for every name suggested. It was fore mostly named as the android pancake 8.0 but then the other names like Android Panna Cotta, Android Pistachio and Peanut butter were also proposed. This version owns the Operation system with 5.2GHz+4.2GHZ ex-cons 8890 and works best with Octa-core processor. In NewZealand, the buzz of the release created so much of the expectation from this android version. Here are 5 must things one should know about the about android pancake 8.0 so that they may upgrade it or change it if the need arises.

1)    Greater Accessibility button

This version allows easy and quick access for the navigation, functionality, and magnification from the viewpoint of the user. In the older versions the accessibility was very much restricted eg in select to speak and volume optimization and other related audio experience. This android pancake 8.0 contains the adaptive features like a full bleed square shaped icon, OEMS which aids in the portability of the device in the longer run.

2)    Friendlier Interface

This refers to mainly how the user interprets the Operating system and how easily it handles it. The simpler the interface is, the more popular it gets. There are some duties which android pancake 8.0 claims to fulfill like limiting the background execution and their location. This eventually controls the overall performance and efficiency of the system. If for instance, the frequency of the location gets limited then background updates can be switched off automatically by the android pancake 8.0.

3) Redesigned UI

This version of the android pancake is said to be the revolutionary one from Google’s side. The user interface is reconstructed from the scratch with all new set of emojis, support notches, and icons. A major overhaul is seen in the way notification panel is put up here. The users will be able to see the whole chats and conversation once they drag down the panel bar along with the stickers and emojis. The messaging app together with notification changes will enable the users to send smart replies.

4) Advanced Functionalities

In the older versions, only two of the options were available if the power button was pressed for longer, either the reboot option or the power off. But with this, there is an additional feature offered that of the screenshot which will be seen right under the two of the available options. This new OS version offers a rationalized and up to date pixel launcher. This provides the facility of battery saving options and related information.

5) New user experience

The deep color provides a sense of greater visual text and confidence to the user. This android pancake 8.0 plays on the trick of vibrant and brighter colors while keeping the gradients subtle in the background. The color management is highly organized which enable the applications to keep up with their required quality images and formats. Moreover there now exist a feature of downloadable fonts which enables the user to select the one of there, unlike the fixed ones which were offered previously.

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