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How To Pick The Right Insect Screen For Your Door And Windows?

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This seems very easy to pick the retractable insect screen for your door and windows but although it seems easy it is actually not that easy. So while choosing the right insect screen you have to think about many things and then choose the screen which is best suitable with your needs. There are several types of retractable insect screens for windows and doors such as:

  • Standard Fixed Variety

This is the most commonly used insect screen for windows and doors it is mostly used in the sliding windows as it is made up of aluminum but if your window is made up of wood you can change its frame to wooden frame the frame material mostly depends on your choice.

  • Porthole Fixed

They are very much constructed in the similar way as standard fixed but the only difference is that they have a porthole access within the mesh infill. They are best used for sunshade windows and they are small for large porthole windows.

  • Slider Screens

Slider screens is for sliding windows and sliding door where you can slide the slider according to your choice or need backward or forward. This also means that if there is a good weather outside you will not miss it because of these insect screens you can still enjoy it without worrying about the bugs and insect protection the sliders will do their work and you can enjoy the moment.

  • Retractable Screen

If you are looking for the type of insect screen which will not ruin the look of your house and can easily be retracted, then this retractable screen is the solution to your problem this is mostly used for large windows and sliding doors it is operated by pulleys or remote control obviously the remote control one is much more expensive but if you are looking into moving out after selling this house than this retractable remote control screen will add value to your house.

  • Drop Screens

It is perfect for those who have houses near the main street from where they can witness traffic and smoke issues this drop screen is the perfect thing for them as this will help them to keep their house clean from all that traffic smoke. There is this one thing you should know about this drop screen it becomes in effective as soon as it is retracted it is different from other insect screens which are effective even after getting retracted.

  • Magnetic Screen

Its name is giving us the idea about its characteristics just by looking at the name magnetic screen we can get the idea that this screen function is unique because of its magnetic attraction yes you are right if you are thinking that it is fixed into the window or door through magnet but as we all know that magnet can lose its attraction anytime so it requires replacement after every sixth month.

These are some insect screens you should know about so that you can choose one according to your requirement. Click here


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