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5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Company

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With too many commercial cleaning companies popping up, hiring the right one could seem difficult. What’s worse is that they’ll claim anything to get the job. It becomes worrisome to pick the right one with so many types and variables of cleaning companies. Though, you can attain a partnership built on mutual benefit for years to come with the right one. So how do you pick? Here are 5 simple questions which will help you pick:

Is The Commercial Cleaning Company CIMS Certified?

It is very important to know about the CIMS certification. It holds proof that the cleaning company has a clean record. A good track record is an assurance of the company’s industrial image and that they have been successful in achieving high standards. This type of certification is one of the most difficult and rigorous, it provides you the guarantee before contracting with a cleaning company.

Will The Facility Be Maintained With The Same Number Of Cleaners?

It is important for the commercial cleaning company to provide a steady stream of cleaners in the facility. It is not an easy task having specific requirements explained to new people over and over again. In order to deliver a likeable clean, the company must take care of that. Many companies have well trained cleaners who are able to provide service in the absence of the regular ones. But having regular ones is still favored, for having familiar face around makes it easier.

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What Accounts Has The Company Served And How Many Years Of Experience Does The Company Have?

Let’s face it, you don’t want the facility playing the role of a training ground. It’s common that every commercial cleaning company started from somewhere, but you’d want the experienced ones on board. You need people who are enthusiastic of course, but with a good record of success. Past record will definitely predict the future experience.

Is The Cleaning Company Insured?

You need the guarantee that your facility is safe. It is important for the cleaning company to have coverage. The coverage includes an umbrella policy, automobile liability, basic liability and workers compensation.

How Well Are The Employees Trained?

You need well trained cleaners for your facility, the chosen applicant must know how to make use of their tools. The commercial janitorial services are expected to provide the right training to fulfill the demand of a certain type of facility.


With the amount of choices present in the market, it could be difficult picking the legitimate cleaning company. However, with the right questions, it can be easier to find the type that fulfills the needs of your facility. There are many unlicensed companies out there but now you can be sure of your future experience.

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