4 Principles Of Residential Lighting Design

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It is not necessary to have a degree or be expert in something such as residential lighting design, to begin with, and start lighting your home, you can do it either way. It just takes some basic knowledge and decent taste of lighting to light up your residential like a palace. On a lighter note, there are not surprisingly two types of lighting. One type is, which is done poorly and the second one as well as compared to the first one. The only difference between them is the difference in color selection and good or bad lighting. The color of light should be matched according to the residential theme and they both should go likewise not unlike each other.

Light Fitting By Electricians Auckland

There are many different types of lighting sources and the main catch is to differentiate between the different types and to choose which one will be most suitable for electrician Northshore.There are new technologies in the market such as LED lighting offers different types of color in a much efficient way. Efficient here refers to its working mode and cost. It rarely heats up after some time which is a great bonus point when looking for residential lighting. It saves a lot of energy as compared to old bulbs and lights.

It has been noted and observed that if your lighting design and interior of it is done by the designer or contractor, it varies from choice to choice. Its a fact that no one can deny that the way you, yourself will light up and design the lighting no one can do it better than you according to your taste and desire.

There are many ways and concepts of lighting and it does not stick to only one method. There is lighting design which may seem to be impressive and attractive but it is not necessary to become a designer for that.


Ambient light is one of the most important aspects of residential lighting design. You can take the help from commercial electricians Auckland or commercial electricians north shore.It generally means to the general fill which is compulsory to function in a residential space. It doesn’t have any particular source nor it is limited to only one. Its sources are track lighting, recessed cans and many more.


Task lighting is the second aspect of residential lighting design which can be installed by residential electricians Auckland or residential electricians north shore.There are many functions which require lighting for different reasons. This type of lighting is preferred for functions in which illumination is required. These lightings include lighting under the cabinets, next to a chair for reading purpose or lighting over a sink for washing dishes and plates.


Accent lighting is the third aspect in terms of residential lightning and many people ignore it without realizing its importance in lighting. It is used to highlight and make some features prominent within an area. It includes some portraits hanging on the wall at which light is pointed and made visible.


Last but not the least, decorative lighting refers and deals with the lighting fixtures. By lighting fixtures, one means lighting used for focus and for attention not for illumination. There are many examples of decorative lighting and one example is chandelier whose main purpose is just to attract the viewers and for attraction.


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