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Can I Use A Magic Eraser On A Wood Floor?

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Now there are a lot of things which are confused in your mind regarding the use of Magic eraser on the wood floor. Well everybody needs an effective cleaner which can make their life very simple. The hardwood floors can become very hard to clean so people need something reliable for the maintenance. There are a lot of concerns of people that whether magic eraser will damage the wood or not. People question that on which surface it is suitable. Well if you want someone who is seeking answers of this type of questions then this article has got you covered. You need to realize that it is not suitable for every surface on your home you must have seen several TV commercials which are claiming that you can use this anywhere wherever you want to but this is not the reality.

Usage On Smart Floor Wood Flooring

This eraser has really magical effects but you need to make sure that you are using it in the right places. The floor comes with a different kind of smart floor wood flooring.  There are several hardwood companies which will give you the guide that which product are allowed and which are not. What you need to do is read that product guideline. Many companies won’t allow the eraser because it is an only activates with the help of water and water is not a recommended source of cleaning for many hardwood companies. There is some eraser which is water activated the must never be used on wood floors.

Eraser Over Linoleum Flooring NZ

Not only the eraser is water activated but it is very harsh in nature. You will never want something on your floor which is very harsh and it can damage your floor. ] you will surely not like to take a risk with your high-cost investment. Remember that if you use this type of material then you are floor will not get repaired and straight away you will have to take the replacement which can cost you a great deal. Even a single scratch on your hardwood will look way too bad.

Effects Of Eraser

Now you must be questioning that whether the eraser is healthy? Keep in mind that it is not a natural product so this means that there are a lot of chemicals enough to destroy materials. You must be careful as such as cleaning products can even take off skin from people’s hand. Avoid direct contact if you really don’t want to get a burning sensation. If you will handle them closely then you can get watery eyes and it can also cause a lot of skin irritations along with coughing. There are several diseases which are causing cancer because it contains some type of Agent which is promoting this dangerous disease. You will find that there are many Markets and Super Stores which are not promoting the product anymore. If you are still not sure they also need to do is contact linoleum flooring NZ  and ask him about the use of eraser which is not preferred.


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